EcoForce Heat Systems offers a unique service for customers on a budget. Getting rid of bed bugs is no easy task, and it is highly recommended that you hire a pest professional to eradicate bed bug infestations. However, EcoForce Heat Systems offers an equipment rental service for infestations that are contained in individual rooms. This option is great for new infestations that haven’t spread to other areas of the home, infestations that are contained in certain rooms, or creating a heat chamber for other items of the home (example: couch, throw pillows, wheelchairs, etc.). Its a great way to use heat as an option, stay pesticide free, and kill bed bugs in 1 day.

How does it work? ┬áMost rooms take between 6-12 hours for a treatment. So a one heater package is able to potentially treat 2 guest/children’s rooms during your rental term. The heaters we rent out are safe and made especially for the remediation of bed bugs. They have a built in shut off mechanician that cycles itself at the set temperature, so not to damage your furnishings or cause a safety hazard.