Bed bug bite symptoms don’t appear immediately, usually after a week victims notice small bumps.

Watch your skin for red welts. These red welts may not cause any itching initially to some people. During the initial stages they are small and hard to recognize. The most common sign of bed bug bites is that they will occur in a regular line of three. This pattern is referred to as “breakfast, lunch and dinner” by infectious disease experts. They cause an itching and burning sensation after a few days.

It’s not surprising that bed bug bite symptoms differ from individual to individual. Only allergic people show symptoms due to hypersensitive reactions, whereas some barely feel an itch.

Nearly 60 percent of all exposed are unaware of bed bug bite symptoms.

Your skin reacts differently in different parts of the body. The skin of the face, hands and feet react the most when bitten by bed bugs. These are quite innocuous and are often misdiagnose as skin disorders such as scabies, rashes or mosquito bites.