Bed Bugs can be effectively controlled through a comprehensive strategy that incorporates monitoring, cleaning, sealing and heat treatments.

Below are steps you can take to reduce and get rid of bed bug populations:

• Caulk and seal crevices. Deny bed bugs from harbouring.
• Eliminate clutter. Getting rid of as much clutter as possible will help you locate and eliminate infestations.
• Vacuum. This will only remove visible bed bugs, but is important to get rid of dead bed bugs and their frass. Use a stiff brush to dislodge eggs in cracks and crevices and use a vacuum attachment that does not have bristles to get into the corners. Be sure to discard the bag immediately after vacuuming.
• Launder Fabrics and Clothing. Wash and dry clothing for 30 minutes or a full cycle at the hottest setting the fabric will allow. Dry clean only clothes can simply be put into the dryer. If the fabric is too delicate for the hottest temperature, place it on a lower heat setting and let it run for the full cycle.
• Encase mattresses and bed bases. Make sure the encasement has been tested for bed bugs and will not rip and does not contain synthetic pesticides impregnated in the material. It will eventually kill all bed bugs inside.
• Heat Treatment. Heat, will provide complete control of bed bugs and their eggs, if all areas of infestation reach 120 degrees F.